Chris Jimenez

  • October 2, 2016

Chris Jimenez was originally a vape business owner, multi-industry entrepreneur and has always had ability for connecting people. After quitting smoking through products found at local vape shops, he poured himself into this young emerging industry. Chris and Bank Card USA have helped to open the doors for vape companies by establishing bank direct rates for credit card transactions…known as the “Vape Bank” they’ve helped countless brands to grow and reinvest saved revenue they would have otherwise paid in unnecessary bloated rates/fees competitors made commonplace. He convinced Bank Card USA that the industry was a stable and viable community that was more than worth sticking up for.

Earlier this year, seeing the writing on the wall, Chris founded the California Smoke Free Organization in an effort to support, and give back to his clients and the vaping community at large. Leveraging the relationships he’s made along the way, Chris brought together industry-leading California companies united to fight unfair taxation and over regulation of vapor products. Chris’ vision included:

  • Creating a state trade organization which provides a platform to like-minded business owners intent on rapidly increasing the activities of relationship building with moderate politicians within the state;
  • Educating the existing political apparatus of the enormous benefits derived from the products manufactured by vapor the industry;
  • Building and cultivating a core constituency of smoking cessation consumers to be advocates for this vital industry;
  • Coordinating our state efforts with an experience national advocacy team so that our California voices can be heard in the Washington, D.C.; and
  • Offering mentorship and guidance to all members of the CSFO in this “new normal” of regulation and compliance to operate legally without violations or ramifications.

By accomplishing these fundamental goals we become more than relevant; we become an organized and sophisticated force which can best represent the vapor industry in the halls of Sacramento, throughout California, and to the rest of the world as it affects us.